My Clients are at the Center of Everything I do.

I’m proud to share the recommendations of those who know me best

    “If you’re looking for a talented graphic designer, stop your search. Ms. Jenna Murobayashi will take care of all your needs, surpass all your expectations, all with complete professionalism and grace. She is a young innovator and provides service with the utmost integrity. Congratulations, because you have just found a world class designer, her name is Jenna.”

    Brian Keleman
    Orange County, CA, USA

    “Jenna’s graphic design abilities are excellent, and her daily attitude is always upbeat and fun. She understands the details of the job from the customer’s perspective and is able to produce quality artwork which captures the customer’s original intent. She is very fast which is an added benefit to meeting deadlines in a cost effective manner.”

    Timothy B. Lewis
    Next Day Printed Tees, Inc
    Chula Vista, CA, USA

    “Working with Jenna is a joy. Her professionalism in her demeanor is apparent. She has a special talent for graphically capturing and conveying concepts in all of the design work that she produces. I have been able to learn a lot from Jenna’s vast working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. Jenna is a valuable addition to any company.”

    Cathy Ryan
    Products, Services and Events Manager
    Haines Centre for Strategic Management
    San Diego, CA, USA

    “Jenna is an amazing designer. She was able to capture my ideas and bring them to fruition, better than what I could’ve ever imagined. She is a joy to work with, and very easy going. Her concepts are fresh and whenever I work with her, I am always looking forward to what will come about.”

    Chida Warren-Darby
    Managing Editor and CAO
    The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint Newspaper
    San Diego, CA, USA

    “I have been working with Jenna for just one month and we are extremely impressed with her work quality and ethic. She has a perfect balance of taste, punctuality (so important), and common business sense. I strongly recommend her creative services.”

    Helen Yu
    LeReve Skin Institute
    Irvine, CA, USA

    “I have had the pleasure to work with Jenna on several of the Association for Strategic Planning’s certification materials and in every case she has come through with wonderful recommendations in a timely effective manner. On top of that, she is a joy to work with! You are lucky to have such a great person on board!”

    Janice Laureen
    Executive Director
    Association for Strategic Planning
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    “Working with such a talented and imaginative designer as Jenna is a great pleasure. She has an ability to find creative ways to work with, improve and expand design within existing brands and products for both print and web.”

    Simon Dukes
    Global Association for Systems Thinking
    San Diego, CA, USA

    “I have worked with Jenna on a number of marketing projects and I hope to continue in the future. She does great work and does it in a timely manner. Her creativity is endless. She can take any project or idea and make it your own. I highly recommend Jenna for any future graphic design projects.”

    Melissa Sandy
    Marketing Director
    Haines Centre for Strategic Management
    San Diego, CA, USA